Rick and Morty winked at Chile with the flag and a police patrol

As part of the sixth episode of the sixth season, titled simply JuRicksic Mortthe popular animated series Rick and Morty included a small reference to Chile.

As part of the story, the ancient rulers of the Earth – who are nothing more than highly evolved dinosaurs – return to fix life for all humans. This causes not only the death of any responsibility, but also gives access to all the goods and services that are desired.

The above does not sit well with Rick Sánchez, since the mad scientist sets himself the goal of unmasking the new world leaders with a single objective: that the President of the United States allows him to be the presenter of the Oscar Awards.

In that scenario, inevitably – and as always happens – Rick achieves his goal, which not only ends the utopia, but also generates a wave of violence and discontent throughout the world to return to the old capitalism.

And it is there, in the middle of the headlines that explain the return to the status quo, with everything and a 100% rise in crime worldwide, it is possible to appreciate a brief sequence located in Chile. With everything and the Chilean flag, police patrol and the violence against the dinosaurs in question.

The episode in question marked a temporary break for the series, six weeks, since Rick and Morty will present the seventh episode of the sixth season only next November.