#ReworkMercy movement in Overwatch What is it?

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A few weeks ago a new “radical” movement has been established in the English-speaking Overwatch community, the so-called “#ReworkMercy Movement” is starting to attract the attention of many in the professional community.

To give some context to this movement, some time ago there was another call #DeleteBrigitte, this at the time was looking for what the hashtag mentions, to delete Brigitte from the game, several streamers and players changed their Battlenet Battletag for #DeleteBrigitte to protest how unbalanced the heroine and daughter of Torbjorn was. As a result of this particular move people believe they have been heard by Blizzard and so today Brigitte would have received a substantial Nerf on her Shield Bash, her best weapon against flanker heroes, which decreased her damage and ability by 90% of passing through shields with his ability was removed.

So a few weeks ago the community started another protest movement called #ReworkMercy, which has taken a lot of prominence in recent days, the movement still has several edges and is not totally focused on a specific mechanic as #DeleteBrigitte was, but in Together they want to bring back the excitement of playing Mercy with a more focused rework on her support skills.

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A part of the community is looking for Maz Rez to return, an Ultimate ability that allowed Mercy to revive her 5 allies at the same time, but this has been said on more than one occasion that it is not possible, since her first rework sought to eliminate certain behaviors, where Mercy would hide until she saw at least 4 dead companions, to enter to revive them.

Another part of the community demands that her 60hp/s healing be the normal input, recently Mercy was given a buff to her healing, but only when she is in Valkyrie (Ultimate) state. And a third part, who are those of the PRO scene, do not agree very much, with further enhancing Mercy, the ability to revive a player, erases the effort of another, it is part of what happened in the first Stages of the Overwatch League, where sometimes we saw the same player die twice in 1 minute and when he was revived he already had the location of the Widowmaker who had defeated him, becoming an advantage for the attackers.

Blizzard already mentioned some time ago that there would be no significant changes or Reworks in the heroes and that from their perspective Mercy is “relatively” well positioned, her pickrate has dropped quite a bit since her last change, but it doesn’t seem to be much at the statistical level, but Also thanks to this, other Supports like Ana and Lúcio have had more prominence (well, also thanks to the GOATS composition).

Several YouTube channels, together with some proplayers of the Overwatch League and team coaches have given their opinion on the matter and the general scenario looks quite divided.