revised upwards, the 2023 deficit stands at 7.2 billion euros

The “revenue” part of the Social Security budget, adopted thanks to the use of 49.3 on Thursday, revises the 2023 deficit up by 400 million euros, to 7.2 billion, to take into account the “impacts” of the amendments retained , explained the Ministry of Health on Friday. Taken from behind by the opposition from the very first articles of its Social Security financing bill, the government has taken responsibility for the “revenue” section of the budget by including several costly amendments.

Gradual increase in taxes on heated tobacco, extension of the social niche for seasonal agricultural workers, new exemption from old-age contributions for retired doctors… “All of this has implications” and justifies “harmonizing the accounts”, emphasizes the ministry.

A “fairly consensual” revaluation

Consequently, instead of the 6.8 billion initially forecast, the deficit is now estimated at 7.2 billion next year. A slate of 400 million which also includes a measure of the “expenses” part, which remains to be examined in session. But this revaluation of the “floor rate” for home help is deemed “enough consensual” to be “adopted, logically”.

However, the executive refuses to prepare a new 49.3 on this component. “We want to have a debate”, assures the ministry, whose “objective is to have a discussion with all the opposition groups”. Subject to the rejection of the motion of censure filed by the left (Nupes), the examination in session should resume on Tuesday afternoon, adds the same source.

Other amendments “will be incorporated into the text”, indicates the ministry, among those “which have received a favorable amendment in committee and which we know will collect a majority in the hemicycle”, particularly in terms of access to care. Minister François Braun “wishes to take very strong measures”, in particular on prevention and “health inequalities”, affirms his entourage, while immediately dismissing the “constraints to the installation” for doctors.