Reviews | LG DualUp Ergo Monitor: A comfortable two-in-one monitor

For those who have a desktop PC, it is becoming more and more normal for them to choose to have two monitors instead of one, either as a result of teleworking or because you need more space for your different usual activities or even just for fun, in this context and especially considering the people who work from their computers is that LG launched the DualUp Ergo monitor, a double monitor, which is equivalent to having two monitors, one above all, but all on the same screen.

During the last weeks we have been testing this monitor which has an aspect ratio of 16:18, with a resolution of 2560 x 2880 (SDQHD), It should be mentioned that from the first moment it feels imposing due to its size and because it is normal for your range of vision to be somewhat above the screen, however, here given its height this does not happen, it is difficult to get used to in the first instance , and feeling somewhat invaded by its massiveness.

One of the advantages that this double screen provides is the enormous work area that it provides, which is equivalent to the same if we had two monitors, although with some points in favor and others against. As a plus point, you don’t have to worry about more plugs, cables, or whatever, as happens when you have two monitors, just connect it and you already have the same work area. In the same way, all this space is especially useful when working from the computer, since you can easily accommodate the different programs that you require and have several in the foreground without having to constantly minimize to be able to go from one to another.

As usually happens to those who expand the work area on computers, this soon becomes something necessary and when using this monitor the feeling is no different, since the comfort of having a single monitor but with the benefits of two It is an element that draws attention, especially for teleworking.

Despite this, although this combination has advantages, it also has some disadvantages, since being only one screen you do not have the freedom of mobility and accommodation that you have when you have two screens, which you can accommodate them in different ways depending on your needs -and as long as you have the appropriate bases or arms to do so-.

If there is an element that characterizes this monitor, it is practicality, and it is that a large part of its characteristics are practical, size, options, and also its base, which is not a base as such and cIt corresponds to an arm which is hooked on the back of the desk. This makes the workspace much cleaner and more spacious, especially if we take into account that the cables can be passed through the interior of this arm, leaving them out of sight, ideal for all those who like a workspace that is as ordered as possible. Along with this, the arm has a wide range of movement, which allows it to be accommodated in the way that best suits us, either vertically or horizontally.

Comparison with a traditional monitor.

In relation to its internal characteristics, it is that we find a monitor with a 27.6-inch NanoIPS panel with HDR10 and 98% of the DCI-P3 standard, lor that delivers image quality that stands out with bright, vivid colors. This and its different characteristics make it ideal for use in jobs such as photo and video editing where you need a large work area and good colors to be able to see how the work we do is turning out.

At the same time for long working hours, the screen has various technologies that help the eye such as LG’s Live Color Low Blue Light, to protect the eyes from blue light, while keeping colors vivid and bright, and an ambient light sensor to control brightness automatically.

Despite all of the above, perhaps the strongest point of this dual monitor is that it can be used as if they were two monitors by connecting two cables, whether they are HDMI, Display Port or USB-C. With this, we can display two video sources on the same screen without any problem, being able to have, for example, two computers connected at the same time, or a computer and a console. In addition, it has the KVM function, which allows you to control both with the same keyboard, monitor and mouse. All this greatly facilitates the work if you normally use more than one computer, especially if you have to constantly go from one to another, Since with this, with a few simple steps, you can change screens from one to another or have them both in front of you.

The PBP option can be easily accessed from the monitor menu.

An element that draws attention is that two cables can also be connected to the same computer, with which it takes it as if it were two screens. The difference that this has with using the monitor as a single screen is that it allows much better control of the windows when organizing them and placing them one on top of the other, making the most of it. This draws a bit of attention given that this division of screens could have been done by software, allowing a much greater customization of space and avoiding having to connect two cables to the same screen, something that LG has already done with previous screens such as the Ultrawide screen. .

LG DualUp Ergo is a comfortable, practical monitor, ideal for those who require a large work area or work with two computers simultaneously. On the other hand, if what you want is to play, this is not the best option since it is only 60Hz and although its colors look quite good and it has HDR 10, it is not its focus, for which better performance can be obtained. on other devices.