Reviews | FIFA 23 and a great farewell to the franchise

In the scenario of annual franchises, those that release a version of their video game year after year, the question of what is really new is always present.

In the case of the FIFA saga, now that it has practically no competition, its proposal has certainly stagnated since the company launched its first version for new generation consoles, including the improvement of HyperMotion technology to refine the gameplay of the game and bring out match to the immersion of the control of the Playstation 5.

And considering that the edition of FIFA 22 could already be considered the definitive proposal for the franchise, since it greatly refined what had been the leap for the new generation, the challenge of FIFA 23 was even greater considering that the video game will be the last of the saga after the end of the agreement of the EA company with the governing body of world football.

The result, in that sense, is completely satisfactory, since FIFA 23 manages to take a step forward not only to sustain the video game in its condition of undying success, but also to mark a great farewell that does not feel like a mere update of templates, cosmetic improvements to players or the inclusion of teams whose licenses had been lost along the way.

Taking control for the first time, here feels like a change – not just a tweak – from what HyperMotion has been doing, reinvigorating the engine that drives digital player movements and reactions on the pitch. play.

From the initial whistle, FIFA 23 is installed as a video game in which the physics of the players feel more attached to a real soccer game than to the arcade past that marked the EA franchise for so long.

This simulation factor is present both in how the defenses move to the possibilities of intervening balls, generating coverage of the spaces and even having the possibility of cutting the plays of those excessively fast attackers who in the past were the main card to take flight, run without major opposition and head towards the rival goal.

Adding the visual improvements to accompany the game, either to provide more information on the development of the game or outline the distance of a direct free kick (which finally modified their system along with corner kicks and penalties), this new edition of the video game also includes a lot of adjustments, improvements and novelties.

This ranges from a new, more powerful shot type to changes to FUT mode to expand his squad chemistry system. Throw in the – limited – expansion of women’s football, some extras for Volta mode and the ability to use AFC Richmond in career mode, taking on the role of Ted Lasso himself to lead the team to heights the series has so far denied. . The sense again is really present in a video game that in the past has sinned just in that matter.

Whereas I personally tend to play traditional modes more than Ultimate Team, so I certainly don’t have to experiment on a daily basis with what for me is the tedium of cosmetics, objective system and farming processes that are my own of the bets that mark this popular section of the video game, FIFA 23 can in any case be translated into a purely gaming experience on the field that does not depend on the most questioned aspects of the video game proposal as a service on which the entire business of EA.

This is where FIFA 23 shines the most, since it really feels like an experience that puts the finishing touch to one of the most popular sagas. One that feels completely refined in his farewell, something no less considering that the uncertainty about the doors that the new era of EA Sports FC will open will only begin to glimpse from next year.

But as far as this new edition is concerned, the video game ultimately manages to get out of the mud that represents a mere update to be properly installed as an edition that, with the good and bad that this implies, exudes football. Whether you play career mode to lead your team to stardom, build your roster to take down rivals left and right in online modes, or give more hidden modes a try like the chance to play in a Copa Libertadores. Simply everything you expect from a FIFA is here to say goodbye in a big way.

FIFA 23 is available now on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and previous generation consoles, including the “legacy” version for Nintendo Switch.