Returnal is one step closer to being confirmed for PC now that we’ve seen its exclusive graphics options leaked

From the PC version of returnal It has been talked about at length, and it is inevitable that PlayStation will take the steps to confirm it relatively soon. In the face of many leaks and mentions in SteamDBwe are all expectant waiting for a release dateeither. Today is not that day, but we can see some of the exclusive options of this port for our computers.

The new leak of the shooting roguelike comes from the IconERA forum, and shows us some of its exclusive graphics options of our platform, which would confirm 100% that we are facing a PC version of the title. And it is that the technologies of NVIDIA Y amd they give us away

As taught by the user Bryank75, we will be able to have several ways to improve the performance of the game based on its resolution. From a climber to different modes of DLSS and FSRthe Housemarque title is built to take advantage of the specific hardware of our computers.

In addition to this, it is seen that we can limit or unlock frame rate of the title, something that will delight users with monitors that have a high refresh rate. In addition to this, we can see customization for the ray traced shadows, showing that this port is made conscientiously. Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to verify all the graphic customization that it will offer us.

While it is true that its developers practically confirmed the port during a talk from the GDCSony and Housemarque still they have not taken the step To say that it will be a reality, much less have they talked about a release date. We will have to continue waiting, but for now it seems that we can maintain hope.