“Return in glory and majesty”: they reveal the program that will bring Tonka Tomicic back to television

During the broadcast of a new episode of I tell you, the journalist Luis Sandoval -who joined the space of Sergio Rojas and Paula Escobar- revealed the details of the return of Tonka Tomicic to the screens of Channel 13.

After the end of the program StarstruckTonka has stayed away from the small screen, despite having a valid contract with the former ‘little angel’ channel.

For the time being, she has been focused on her YouTube space, we have to talk about sexbut as revealed by the communicator, she already has a program that will bring her back to television.

“Come back as the brand new…”

“Tonka Tomicic already has a program to return to the screens of Channel 13. She is finally back after being frozen for so many months. Notice that she returns in glory and majesty, but in 2023″, the former panelist of I beat.

He also explained that “Tonka returns as the brand new host of the Viña del Mar Festival gala.”

“She was chosen to animate this glamorous version, where the great artists parade (…) I understand that until now it would be a kind of prime or VIP red carpet, but I don’t know if it has the same name,” added Sandoval.

However, that would not be all. Since the journalist explained that Tonka would also have a program where he would analyze the best looks of celebrities in the prelude to the Viña del Mar Festival.

“After that gala, which is going to be broadcast throughout Chile and which marks a peak of tuning, he has a program that has to do with the analysis of the celebrities who passed through the carpet,” Sandoval explained, adding that he would have the help from designers, stylists and even the journalist Carolina Honorato.

The 2023 Viña del Mar Festival will be animated by María Luisa Godoy and Martín Cárcamo again. Among the artists confirmed so far are Maná, Camilo, Nicki Nicole, Paloma Mami, Polimá Westcoast and Alejandro Fernández.

Check out the full program below: