Result, summary, goals and video

O’Higgins had no mercy with Colo Colo in the National Championship. The Cacique went to the El Teniente Stadium in Rancagua, where he fell thrashed by a resounding five to one on the scoreboard adding their first fall in this new season of Chilean soccer and where without a doubt, they will have a lot to work on during the week.

O’Higgins wanted to quickly put pressure on Colo Colo at the start of Colo Colo. A defensive error by Maximiliano Falcón, It ended with a surprising shot from Matías Marín but it would go high over the crossbar without complicating Brayan Cortés’ goal.

However, the Cacique did not take long to respond and go in what way. Jordhy Thompson, four minutes into the game, would again have a dream Sunday, identical to last week. The young soccer player joined Marcos Bolados on the right, between the two of them they put together a play, which culminated with the white youth squad positioning himself for his left leg and sending the ball into the back of the goal to open the scoring.

The game cooled down as the minutes passed and the danger in the goals lost prominence in both casts. That until after half an hour of the game, in which a stopped ball that the Rancaguino cast played quickly, would end with a cross from Antonio Díaz and the header from Esteban Moreirawho would find Brayan Cortés well located who hit with one of his hands to deflect the ball.

O’Higgins began to have a better role on the pitch than Colo Colo in the first half. The light blues wanted to get the tie before going to halftime, in which they almost did not succeed with a shot from Diego Fernández and the stick that drowns out the goal cry of the local team saving the goal of Cortés.

Those led by Pablo de Muner began to make merits to match the actions in Rancagua. Through a corner kick from the right sector of the celestial attack, It would be executed at the near post looking for Matías Donoso who managed to connect the ball with his head and it would go astray by very little.

The Rancagua disaster.

The start of the complement was given with a good counterattack from the Cacique in the first minutes. A good play by Carlos Palacios, who entered in the second half for Matías Moya, was the seven albo that played for Thompson on the lefthe faced his rival, played in the center with Esteban Pavez testing a distance shot that found Ignacio González located.

O’Higgins, who completely took over the game, would reach the tie before the game time was up. Everything was generated by the right wing, where the Cacique has suffered the Rancagüinos attacks and in which, After a great cross from Diego Fernández, he would find Matías Marín in the center, who with a first-rate shot managed to place the score one by one.

Only seven minutes later it took O’Higgins’ team to turn the game around. A good play by the left sector of the sky blue attack with Pedro Pablo Hernándezwho fought until the last for the ball, managed to get rid of the mark of Jeyson Rojas, he looked for a cross to the far post finding Matías Donosowho with a header scored the match two to one.

Ten minutes of the terror that the Cacique lived in the El Teniente Stadium. O’Higgins continued to stretch the difference on the scoreboard through Diego Fernándezwho received a good qualification from his partner Matías Marín, who took his markers out of the way, to yield to the midfielder who ended up defining Cortés’ near post. Three to one the Rancagüino team wins.

The 77th minute of the game was played and O’Higgins had no mercy on Colo Colo. At all times he looked better on the field and he was able to demonstrate it in the second half with a goal crusher. The youthful Matías Belmar was present on the scoreboard to score the fourth of the province boss after assistance from Facundo Castrowhere the youth player finished off at the near post, surprising the Cacique’s rear.

Those led by Gustavo Quinteros would have one of the few dangerous arrivals in the rival goal and that was generated from the right. A surprising contortion by Marcos Bolados surprised everyone in O’Higgins with a Chilean and forced Ignacio González to stretch enough to send the ball to the corner kick.

In the next play after the corner taken by Carlos Palacios, he would find Ramiro González at the far post who would crash his header into the post avoiding the second post and a discount for the white box.

Nevertheless, O’Higgins would continue damaging the goal of the popular team and where Matías Belmar would register with a double to leave the score five to one. The youth from the club from Rancagüino appeared without any mark in the center of the area to define without problems and increase the win at El Teniente.

It would be everything by the end of the game, in which the Cacique added his first defeat of the championship by a resounding five to one at the hands of O’Higgins at the El Teniente Stadium in Rancagua.