“Respect!”: Qataris applaud Japanese for taking away trash and blowing up stadium

Again they lead by example. Instead of running out of the stadium to celebrate his Historic win over Germany at the 2022 World Cup in Qatarthe Japanese fans did not leave without picking up every last piece of paper thrown in the stands.

Demonstrating their well-known discipline, after their successful debut in the World Cup, the Japanese took out bags and began to fill them with bottles, glasses and all kinds of debris that they caught between the seats.

Qataris surprised

In social networks, media from Qatar and other Arab countries highlighted the attitude of Asians, comparing how fans from other countries left the stadiums.

“Something you haven’t seen from the World Cup opener!” said Omar Farooq, an influencer from Bahrain, who posted a video hugging the Japanese as they cleaned the stands. In the comments, Arab users came out to applaud the gesture. “Respect” was the most repeated concept.

“They just beat Germany in what is probably the biggest win in Japanese football history. But as they always do, before going to celebrate, the Japanese fans clean the stands of the stadium. A lot of respect for the Japanese,” wrote a Twitter user.