Resident Evil Re:Verse catches up!

To say that the launch of Resident Re:Verse was complicated is a double mistake. Following the release of Resident Evil Village, which took place just after a year, it was reported that the multiplayer game would be released at the end of October 2022. Since then, the title has been shunned by many gamers who have been skeptical of it. to the experience proposed by Capcom, especially due to the lack of content.

Aware of the problem, the Japanese publisher and developer takes charge of the situation by reacting quickly and proposing from today a first start-up that adds the new content. Players who connect will be able to discover a new card called Village and taken from the game eponyme, as well as a new playable character that goes by the name of Tundra. The latter is one of Chris’ team members. It’s a surprising choice, as the Resident Evil games feature much more iconic and charismatic characters that have managed to captivate gamers. In addition, there are two new skins in the shop (the one for Jill and Chris from Resident Evil 5), as well as the chance to get a premium deluxe pass (which includes skins for Ada and Chris).

For example, Resident Evil Re:Verse has been available for free to Resident Evil Village owners since the end of October.