Resident Evil 4 Game News: In-game purchases and other microtransactions for Capcom’s remake?

resident Evil 4: In-game purchases and other microtransactions for the Capcom remake?

Resident Evil 4 Remake is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of 2023. The fan favorite is coming back in a revamped version, with a number of features that would have been nice to have.

remake 4

Among the great releases expected in 2023, we find the remake of resident evil 4. Capcom Software is already stoking the fires of fans of the license as they prepare to meet Leon again with a completely revised version of the most beloved installment of the famous horror saga.

The good news is that this new version should offer a story that is quite faithful to what the players lived in the original title, invoking emblematic characters from this fourth opus.

Gameplay-wise, that’s probably where Capcom’s work should be most compelling. After the first manual feedbackSeveral novelties could be seen that allowed different approaches, such as discreet elimination techniques, or a more aggressive and intelligent AI.

Lots of news, but also some elements of the contemporary video game industry that could disappoint? Possibly, based on the first ESRB review.

RE4 and in-game purchases

This isn’t necessarily good news, but it could be more harmless than anything else. According to heESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), the American equivalent of our European PEGI, in charge of specifying the content of video games, The Capcom remake would contain in-game purchases. In idea, this should change almost nothing about the experience of the title and could even coincide with the purchase of the extras of the collector’s and deluxe editions, available for sale separately. On the other hand, some players also see the possibility of a multiplayer mode, such as Resident Evil Resistance that accompanied the remake of
resident evil 3. Unless it is about the possible return of the Mercenaries mode. At the moment, Capcom has not revealed anything about the different game modes. So we will have to wait for more details on these purchases.