Repudiation against Kanye West: the singer showed photos and non-por videos of his ex Kim Kardashian in work meetings

Kanye West sinks deeper every day. The artist was separated from Adidas with whom he had a multimillion-dollar contract. The sports brand made this decision because of the interpreter’s anti-Semitic sayings.

And now, Rolling Stone magazine has brought shocking news to light: former employees of the musician said that it was common for him to share explicit intimate material from his ex-wife, businesswoman Kim Kardashian. In what was called an “intimidation tactic.”

One of the workers claimed that West showed him a sexual photo of the socialite in the middle of a job interview, in 2018. “My wife just sent me this,” he would have told him.

While another former employee said he showed him a high caliber video of Kardashian. A third source recounted: “He was not afraid to show explicit images or talk about situations that should be kept private.”

The blind eye of executives

All these facts were described in an open letter published by the mentioned media, with the title: “The truth about Yeezy: a call to action for the leadership of Adidas”.

There were several high-ranking employees of Yeezy – the artist’s brand along with Adidas – who criticized executives of the sports firm for allowing the rapper to create an “abusive” business culture and for turning a blind eye to his practices of showing this type of of material.

The workers said this information came to light when a video of the rapper showing a pornographic record to Adidas executives was released.

This video dates from last month. In the video, one of those involved asks: “Is this a porn movie?”, and the artist replied: “Yes.”

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