Report claims that Amazon paid $600 million to Embracer Group for the rights to the series

Much has been made about the relationship between Amazon and Tomb Raider. The next game in the series which is developing Crystal Dynamics with Unreal Engine 5 will be published by Amazon and it is also reported that Amazon is producing a series and a movie of the franchise. Why is all this happening? Well, there are already those who say that Amazon paid a million dollar sum to Embracer Group for having the license of tomb Raider.

The report not yet confirmed by Amazon comes from the page Fellowship Of Fanswho, speaking about the status of the rights to Tolkien’s work, pointed out the million-dollar sum that Amazon supposedly paid to be able to license the adventures of Lara Croft.

Embracer Group just sold (update: “leased”) its rights to ‘Tomb Raider’ to Amazon in a deal we can exclusively reveal as a total package of roughly $600 million, making it Amazon’s second-biggest commitment after buy the television rights to ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power’.

Embracer Group would have already doubled the value of what it bought from Square Enix

Although this information is not confirmed, if it becomes official it would mean that Embracer Group has already made a lot of use of the acquisition which it did last year by buying Square Enix’s western studios and its intellectual properties.

Embracer Group paid 300 million for the studies and properties of Square Enixwhich included Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and franchises such as tomb Raider Y God Ex. Now, according to the report, it is 600 million that Amazon paid them only for the license of Tomb Raider, double your investment for the complete package of games and studios.

Even if Embracer had sold the Tomb Raider property instead of licensing it – as the source report initially suggested – it would already be a huge deal for the Swedish company.