Renowned national journalist showed his disappointment with the Colo-Colo game and made a categorical analysis

The national prize for sports journalism, Danilo Díaz, clarified that the Eternal Champion’s players showed a “poor performance” in the duel for the Super Cup.

The blows after losing the Super Cup continue to fall on the team led by Gustavo Quinteros. After not showing good football throughout the 90 minutes, Colo-Colo could not in penalties against Magallanes and started the 2023 season on the wrong foot.

Finished the match The reactions were swift and one that had a short, but categorical analysis was Danilo Diaz. The panelist from Radio ADN’s “Los Tenores” did not hold anything back and emphasized that several Popular players they did not show their quality at the Sausalito Stadium in Viña del Mar.

“Magallanes played the football we knew him, the one he showed in the remarkable campaign when he was promotion champion, against a rival who was never comfortable. There were poor returns“, the national communicator stated at the outset.

Colo-Colo fell to Magallanes and was unable to defend the Super Cup title.

aimed at midfield

However, the national award for sports journalism he stopped in the midfield of Colo-Colo and maintained that “(Leonardo) Gil once in a while had a hard time getting comfortable. Esteban Pavez and César Fuentes pushed, Jorge Valdivia said that Fuentes was always free and they did not look for him, ”he pointed out.

To end, Danilo Diaz stated that Colo-Colo 2023 it ended depotentiated and exemplified with the sides of the Popular. “It is a different Colo-Colo because they are different markers. He did not find the past of Torta Opazo, Wiemberg defends but he is different from Gabriel Suazo ”, he sentenced.

The truth is that now Colo-Colo must turn the pagesince on Sunday, January 22, they will debut in the 2023 national championship. Starting at 6:30 p.m. at the Luis Valenzuela Hermosilla Stadium, the Eternal Champion will face Deportes Copiapó on the first date of Creole football.