Renny Vega | He came to Colo Colo as a figure, it did not go well and today he faces harsh criticism again

Renny Vega (43) opens with AS. Beyond the fact that his time in Colo Colo did not have great lights, the former Venezuelan goalkeeper agrees to remember it. “Even though I didn’t go at a good time, I’m left with the affection of the people,” says the current ambassador of Deportivo La Guaira, and who also he shines in the padel circuit of his country.

In any case, Vega is proud that the white cast is part of his resume. “Being in a big club like Colo Colo doesn’t happen every day and I had that opportunity. Now I am always aware of the results of them and of Chilean soccer, ”says the history of Vinotinto, who passed through Macul in 2012.

– Why did not go well in Colo Colo? He came with an important poster…

– Yes, well, but he also had a respect. There were teammates who had already started the tournament, ‘Pancho’ (Francisco Prieto) was fine… I had to wait almost three months to debut, but it was healthy competition. Then I got injured, they operated on me and then I didn’t have the coaching staff. Only things happened that usually happen to many footballers, but I took with me the affection of the people of Chile.

– Searching for his name on Twitter, for example, many users relate it to errors. Does it hurt to be remembered like this?

– Not because? This is football and such is life. I had to make a mistake against Santiago Wanderers, when I tried to puncture a ball and they gave me a red card. Later, Carlos Muñoz saved the penalty for me. I had to leave him the gloves, the sweater… If he wanted, he would even give him the car (laughs).


Renny Vega in a Superclásico with the U.

“If I lived on what people say about me, I would be in a square. Today, those things don’t affect me.”

Renny Vega

– Are social networks harmful?

– When you are a public person, and more so in this medium, you have to know how to accept and deal with these things. It happened to me against Santiago Wanderers and with my National Team. So, today, imagine that if I lived on that. I don’t know, I’d be in a square… That’s already happened and I can’t do anything. In other words, I would have wanted to be at Manchester United, but I couldn’t. These are things that I take very calmly and today they do not affect me at all.

– His compatriot Christian Santos did not do well in Colo Colo either. It surprised him?

– Capaz did not have that joy that many players can have of reaching a club and being a figure. In this case, I always name José Manuel Rey, who was the one who raised the name of Venezuela in Colo Colo. He was champion, he had a good season and well, it’s something that doesn’t happen to everyone. At least I didn’t have the opportunity for things to turn out the way I wanted, but I’m calm. As I told you, I brought with me the affection of the people of Chile and that is the most important thing. Today I have a lot of people who still remember me and sometimes I talk with some former soccer teammates. That is something that fills you with great joy.

– Are you satisfied with your career?

– All footballers long to play a World Cup. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do it. But I remain calm, because I had the opportunity to go abroad to play in big teams like Colo Colo. I went to Italy, Portugal, Turkey… In other words, I had a nice career, nice experiences and I was able to become champion. That stays in the cabinet. Nowadays I don’t comment much about football, since I’m more aware of my current role, which is what I enjoy the most and what gives me happiness and peace of mind.

– Jesús Vega, his son, is also playing soccer and chose to be a goalkeeper. What does that cause you?

– It’s divine. Today he is playing as a starter for Aragua, a professional team from Venezuela. For one as a father, it is something very beautiful. Now I just have to support him and that everything goes well during his career. One is teaching him the good and the bad of this beautiful career such as soccer.

Vega in a Chile-Venezuela.


Vega in a Chile-Venezuela.

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