Renata Ruiz shared a powerful reflection on motherhood: she had to clarify doubts about her relationship

The former TV face, Renata Ruiz surprised after sharing a powerful reflection on motherhood and being a woman on her social networks, generating various reactions.

Through her Instagram account, the influencer posted a series of records with her little daughter Gala, showing how much she has grown and sharing special words about her process as a mother.

“Something very painful happened to me this week (I’m not ready to tell you yet) but it made me realize that we women are the ones who bear all the weight of parenthood. We paid the highest price,” she stated.

“But believe me if it wasn’t for this chubby girl I’d be devastated. Now all that remains is to wait for her marraquetita because I need a push. I love you, my beautiful Gala”, Ruiz added, receiving messages of support and also generating doubts from users who thought that he was talking about some conflict in their relationship, an issue that was clarified in his stories on the platform.

Had to clarify doubts

“I wanted to thank the many supportive comments that came to me for this post! They really lift my spirits! And also clarify that what happened to me that had me down is something work-related and that my family is very close, “she added, ruling out rumors of a crisis in her marriage.

Check out the logs below: