Remedy Is Already Working On Control 2 And It Will Be Bigger And More Ambitious


Control, Remedy’s most recent work, has received all the praise, both from the community and from the specialized media, for its risky proposal of bringing up a paranormal world, with touches of RPG and a third-person shooter that plays with the environment and the physics of objects.

Just a few hours ago the developer confirmed its alliance with 505 Games, to develop a new spin-off of the franchise in a multiplayer so far called Condor, but also through a statement to its investors, the company has confirmed that it has already are working to develop a new Control game.

According to the information provided in the Remedy’s statementhave reached a long-term agreement with 505 Games, not only for the development of Condor, but also for a Control game, with a larger budget and much more ambitious than the previous one.

However, unlike what happened with Condor, no further details have been given about Control 2, or whatever the sequel to this game is going to be called, what we know is that for everything that has been done we can be sure of the quality of the title

From Remedy they have promised more information in the future probably before the end of this year, so hopefully we can see some kind of teaser or at least concept art to see what direction this Control sequel will take.