Rekkles would make a historic return to Fnatic in the LEC

Officially the transfer market of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) just witnessed the most anticipated act in its history. The rumors about fnatic they quickly put the magnifying glass on the exit of Zdravets Galabov «Hylissang» and the arrival of Rúben Barbosa «rhuckz«. But there is something not confirmed yet and it was the continuation of the other bot lane piece, Elias Lipp.”Upset«. Finally, after living a history of abandonment with high betrayal tones and a separation more than lasts, fnatic’s son will return. As reported LEC Wooloo, Fnatic will have the return of Martin Larson «Rekkles» as their marksman for LEC 2023. The prodigal son of fnatic will have his return after his departure from the club in 2021 bound for G2 and his recent passage through Karmine Corp.. Rekkles will defend Fnatic’s bot lane teaming up with Rhuckzwho will have their debut in LEC from the hand of the most historic shooter in Europe.

Although there were moments when nobody imagined seeing them together, is happening and the rumors are strong. Fnatic and Rekkles will write history together again after their separation after the World’s 2020. The Swedish shooter comes from spending a year outside LEC from the hand of Karmine Corp. in the LFL. Along with the French club, Rekkles was champion of US Masters spring and seems ready to make its comeback. In news that have to do with this rumours, Upset would not continue on Fnatic and your chances of moving to the region of North America They grow with the passing of the signings. The reason is not yet known, but it seems that Fnatic decided not to have Upset in his project for 2023.

Fnatic and Rekkles will be together again in the LEC 2023

With the rumor already strong and a supposed agreement beginning to be in force, Fnatic and Rekkles would have everything ready to get back together in the LEC 2023. By fnatic would close his new bottom lane with its legendary star player, RekklesAccompanied by rhuckz. The debut of the Portuguese support could not take place in better company, having Rekkles, Europe’s most historic shooter, as a dance partner. By Rekklesthe legendary Swedish ADC return to the club of his lifewhere he was crowned champion multiple times and lived a career being the face of the organization.

These changes they would be the only ones at the moment in the coffers of Fnatic, who will try to continue fighting for his first LEC title as such. The orange organization seems have no more changes in the starting squadbeing the output of Hylissang and of Upset the only casualties. However, it is still doubtful if Fnatic will have Gonçalo Brandão «crusher» as a coach. The actual head coach of fnaticTQ he would be about to be promoted by the club to replace Jacob Mebdi «YamatoCannon» but there is no confirmation yet.