“Ready, Halloween won”: little girl steals all the hearts with her costume as the Queen of England

Halloween gives for everything. Of course, because it is one of the few opportunities during the year for one to dress as they wish.

Without going any further, there are those who choose to imitate a childhood idol, the protagonist of a movie or their favorite series. A quick example: Cristián Sánchez, who chose the Joker. These are usually the most common cases… Others, of course, are surprising due to his ingenuity, such as the Colocolino fans who continue to celebrate the 33rd and chose to dress up as Maxi Falcón and his hair for the reels.

But there is no doubt that the true protagonists of Halloween will always be the children. They are the ones who attract the most attention and tend to steal the eyes —and of course, the hearts— of everyone every time they knock on the door and expect some sweet in return.

This is the case of this little girl, who for many “won Halloween”. Her father, Matías Marchant, @chronotype on Instagram, she shared the record of her, dressed as The Queen of England, with her own security detail, going from house to house looking for treats.

Due to the tenderness it caused and the ingenuity of his parents, he received all the applause and went viral:

“Amoooo. Take the purse and the bag of sweets like the maximum queen that she is, ”opined a user. “She won worldwide. Only in Shile did it have to happen, ”he launched another. “Best costume this year by far,” she wrote a third.

“Amada” and “what a beauty” were other comments that were repeated.

But better, see for yourself: