reaction goes viral on TikTok

As one grows, one begins to realize that the beauty of Christmas is spend quality time with loved ones, but it is also true that gifts are a traditional part of that experience. Whether young or old, they are a sign of affection that, in the end, is remembered with affection… or, at least, should be remembered with affection. It was not the case for the boy we will talk about next and who received an Xbox Series S.

Thanks to TikTok and Twitter, The reaction of a teenager who received the next-gen console that he clearly did not want has gone viral as a Christmas gift. The 24-second video shows a boy who listlessly begins to unwrap his gift, only to discover that yesIt is an Xbox Series S. “This is not what I wanted!” he exclaims, as he retreats angrily and slams his bedroom door.

The clip has already accumulated 1.4 million views and 650 comments on Twitter, and among them there is everything, from those who take advantage of it to fan the flame of discord between users of different console brands, to who pounce on parents for having “spoiled” the adolescent. There are also answers that contrast with the reactions of other children when receiving the same or another console.

The man destroyed the soul of his son. He wanted that PS5 lol

Well, I’m sorry you got the fucking Series S, but I didn’t like the arrogance. You should be happy that your daddy tried. and bought him something.

I should be thankful. That said, if he asked for one system and the parents gave him a different one, they had to make another decision. Receiving a console is not like receiving a pair of socks. You will have it for years.

It’s worrying to see people reproach their dad for buying a Series S. The child received a gift that many others would like to receiveand should be happy about it, while others barely have to eat

The Xbox Series S is the most affordable of the next-generation consolesand it has been an ideal alternative for millions of players, who thanks to it have had access, not only to Xbox exclusives, but also to a growing library of games, via Xbox Game Pass. That said, it is also true that it has a more powerful and expensive older sister, and that there are systems from other brands with other games and other philosophies.

Whatever the case, receiving a console is usually a special moment for gamers, but we would be lying if we said that, stored in our memory, there are no memories of negative reactions to gifts for birthdays or other special dates. This video is likely to haunt the teenager eventually, when he grows up and realizes the sacrifice that most parents make to be able to give their children something so expensive.