Racketeering or delusion of persecution? The ghost that revives Arturo Vidal in the middle of the crazy celebration with Flamengo

Arturo vidal It is the soul of the Flamengo party. The Rio de Janeiro team celebrates with its fans the two titles it won in the recent season. In order of importance, the Copa Libertadores and the Copa do Brasil. The King, surely, also shares that prioritization. The continental trophy was one of his dreams and, considering his extensive track record, which makes him the most successful Chilean player in history, one of the few that was enough for him to add. That happiness most likely explains the overflow in the festivities, which showed him especially effusive and, obviously, under the influence of alcoholic beverages that were consumed in full view and patience of all.

In the midst of the hubbub, however, Vidal took a space for reflection. “I think the time has come Chile. You have to decide what is best for everyone!!! We continue or continue!!!”, he raised, as an enigmatic query, on his Instagram account. Then he was more specific. “Do I withdraw from the selection or not???”, he asked, attaching a survey that included two options: yes and no. The second prevailed, although the vote was distributed. “I know there are people who follow me, but there are always those who write nonsense, but greetings and blessings. Cleanse your heart and enjoy life that is short”, he then poses, as a call to meditate. “When they have the respect I have outside, they let me know. The respect you have here in Brazil is not earned by being Chilean, it is earned by making history”, he ends up throwing, in his usual confrontational style.

The survey that Arturo Vidal posted on Instagram.

In any case, regardless of how striking the opportunity is, considering that Vidal later traveled to Europe to join La Roja in the friendlies against Poland and Slovakia, the concrete thing is that his intervention revives a position that has been recurrent in the Generation Golden. The King is not the only one who has questioned his continuity in the national team nor has he questioned the support he receives. Other references have also done so, such as Alexis Sanchez Y Claudio Bravo. Both have demanded gratitude when it is precisely what they receive the most, at least from the fans, who are usually unconditional.

The behavior does not go unnoticed. In social networks there are critics, but also unconditional supporters, with a certain degree of resignation. They assume that the King has been like this throughout his career. Vidal, in any case, speaks more to his detractors. It is before them that he intends to validate himself. Or, more specifically, renew the validation.

The point is that it happens to an Arturo Vidal who is in the last stage of a super successful career, who must validate that he is still active. Being in Brazil is part of the decline. Historical figures lose prominence. Other figures appear, although they follow. The need to validate is part of the withdrawal”, observes sports psychologist Fernando Azócar. For the professional, it is inevitable to link this consideration with the other phenomenon. “Whenever he has had excesses, this happens. Sure you can feel chase”, he maintains. “The issue is how he perceives the threats he sees in this last stage. He is going to try to make the prestige last longer. His lifestyle is not going to change it”, sentence.

His colleague Alexi Ponce nods. “They are in the process of transition in which the unquestionable of some moment is no longer so. It is super understandable that they do not like criticism. They draw a conclusion. People don’t chase them, they say what they see. They make a reading that can be valid, but it is incorrect. I don’t know if anyone would want to chase them. They are in a process of transition, of changes, of the end of their career“, it states.

However, Azócar maintains that no analysis can ignore the particularity of the subject under review. “The defenses he makes of his profile go along that line. Sportingly, he always responds. And then comes the defense of his private life, which he decided to make public a while ago. He has to speak to two lines of followers. To those who are looking for the athlete and those of the social network character. So, he protects himself, shields himself, justifies himself based on two worlds that he manages with tweezers. The point is that the world of sports thinks about private life and vice versa, because a person is seen as an integral being, ”she points out.

Ponce complements. “It’s complicated. He sets the standards, the criteria at an indisputable medium level, but He lacks handling of situations. That makes it difficult to solve. In football there is no discussion of everything he has achieved. Being a public figure, with the visibility he has, he must learn to play on this other court. It has to form. It is not enough to say something, to have an opinion. With the merits it will not be enough”, explains the president of the Association of Sports Psychology and Coaching of Chile.

Arturo Vidal shared with his followers on Instagram through a live broadcast.

At the moment, Vidal’s main guarantee continues to be his sporting conditions. “We are talking about an out of series”, maintains Azócar. “In any company, a very good executive would be fired for this type of situation. In the world of sports, on the other hand, everything is minimized a bit. The technical bodies, the ANFP or the country, in general, do it”, Azócar points out.

The other is, naturally, the weight of the name. “Sometimes he gets paranoid because they screw him up too much, but that’s it Vidal. And each coach sees if he accepts it, with its pros and cons”, points out the professional. In that plane, the answer is inherent. “No leadership has appeared that can remove him. That allows him a certain amount of relaxation”, says Azócar, although with one last observation, at least in the case of the Red. “It is Berizzo who has to decide what he accepts and what he does not”, he concludes.