Quinteros reflects after Zavala’s goodbye: “There is no patience to continue fighting”

In the prelude to the commitment against O’Higgins, valid for the second date of the National Championship, Gustavo Quinteros starred in a press conference from the Monumental stadium.

The Colo Colo coach referred to his needs to close the campus. “Daniel Morón is making arrangements for the players we need. It is a difficult market, most of them have a contract with other clubs. Hopefully the striker can be solved these days”exposed.

Along these lines, Quinteros deepened that “we are trying to find a replacement for Amor, because maybe he will not play for a while, and we have three competitions. And then try to replace Opazo, But if we don’t find someone of his level, we’ll keep what we have.”.

Despite the complex outlook in the market, the strategist albo values ​​the effort of the sports management: “They made the efforts to incorporate Correa, Merentiel and Lezcano, and others who cannot come by contract and because they are doing well at their clubs. So it’s not easy. When Lucero left, it hurt us a lot, it hurt us a lot. We found a player that we needed since 2020 and replacing him is not easy. And on the level of Emiliano Amor, it is also very difficult”.

In the instance, Quinteros also made a deep reflection after the departure of Cristián Zavala to Curicó Unido: “When he came, I agreed with his arrival. He is a player with many conditions, but sometimes the player cannot demonstrate all of them. Everything doesn’t go well for him or he doesn’t have as many opportunities for different reasons”.

“Gabriel Costa played a lot in that position, a player who scored 13-14 goals. So, it was not easy for him to earn a place. Sometimes the youngsters too, when they come out of the inferior ranks or arrive at the club, expect to play every game and sometimes they have to fight a lot. So, it not only happened with Zavala, who is a player who has many conditions, but with other players who Maybe they don’t have the patience to keep fighting, to stay playing and earn a place, like Solari or Pizarro did.”Quinteros continued.

Taking those cases, the DT pointed out that “they started from below. One came, started as a substitute, first he played half time and left, or he played in the second half and earned a place. Later, the ‘Vicho’ too. We took him 18-19 times as number 20 in concentrations and the boy never gave up. He always kept fighting her and ended up playing very well, being a starter in international cups, in the National Tournament. He was a champion playing … So, they are examples that others have to take ”.

Finally, the Argentine-Bolivian expressed that “the boys who come from below are sometimes a little wrong, because Everyone says that they are very good at playing, but a place in the team must be earned through day-to-day work, with the effort, so good. I wish all the boys the best.”

Other themes

More from Emiliano Amor: “He will have a long recovery, so if he returns in the middle of the year, he will be registered again.”

Leonardo Gil’s status: “He is training differently, he has a back problem, but nothing serious. The same Marco Rojas. We started a season with a bit of bad luck”.

Jordhy Thompson: “He has a great future and it will depend on him. He has a very high ceiling and he is playing well today. The team needs his qualities, he scored a goal and is highly motivated. I hope he continues to evolve. It is very likely that he can play on Sunday again. Meanwhile, Palacios and Castillo are doing well. The same for Benegas, who made an effort to be able to play”.

Joan Cruz: “He is a very good player, one of the club’s promises, who had a downturn in football last season. Let’s hope to get him back as soon as possible and for him to be the player he was again.”