Quinteros: Chilean arbitration must take care of the teams that attack, as FIFA says

Gustavo Quinteroscoach of Colo Colo, analyzed the draw against Curicó Unido, a result that prevented the conquest of the title on this day, and had words against arbitrationnoting that the judges should “protect the attacking teams”.

“About arbitration, I already said it once, It seems to me that the Chilean arbitration should not protect so much the team that comes to destroy or defendor protect offensive teams more, as FIFA says or tries to do, protect the one who attacks, the one who wants winsr,” he said at a press conference.

Along the same lines, he criticized the decision of Julio Bascuñán de to grant only eight minutes of additional time at the end, despite what happened during the duel.

“For example, Brayan Cortés was on the floor for seven minutes, another player was about three more, a lot of changes were made. And how much time did the referee give? The numbers do not give, instead of giving eight, he should have given 15 minutes, so that the teams go out a little more“, plot.

However, despite his criticism, he specified that “The final result has nothing to do with arbitration.”

Regarding the development of the match with the rival, he maintained that it was totally favorable to Colo Colo, it was played again in the rival field, clear situations were generated in both halves, we lacked precision, efficiency within the area to better assist“.

“The rival defended the whole match. It leaves me satisfied that the idea is reflected in the field, we put the rivals in their field, the only thing we have to improve is to have more clarity in the last meters, “he added.

Finally, regarding the expulsion of Lucero, He stressed that the first yellow card was an error by the referee Bascuñán.

“Hopefully the court is fair and can get the yellow“, Sentenced the DT, since Colo Colo will appeal, as the sports manager Daniel Morón advanced.