Quinteros: Carlos Palacios has enormous talent, he could be a good option for Colo Colo

Gustavo Quinteroscoach of Colo Colo, spoke after having won the title with the albos in the National Championship, reiterated the need to have an ambitious project ahead of international competition in 2023 and praised Chilean midfielder Carlos Palacios, Vasco da Gama, as a possible signing for next season.

“Carlos Palacios has enormous talent, he didn’t have continuity, it can make him lose confidence. It could be a good option for Colo Colo”declared Quinteros in DirecTV.

However, he pointed out that “we must analyze, modern football is not only played with talent, it has to have other conditions”.

Regarding the project to be planned by Black and White, Quinteros did not hesitate to point out that “sSomething more ambitious would be wonderful. I am working in the future with Colo Colo to be able to be important in national football and take another step in international football.”

Quinteros also remarked that they should have a more competitive squad and “level refills“to face the Copa Libertadores 2023.

“In international tournaments we have to have a more competitive squad, experience to accompany the youngest. We need level replacements, with work and good choices we can be more competitive to add variants to the squad“, accurate.

Regarding his continuity, Quinteros reiterated that it is public knowledge that he has received “calls from clubs and national teams,” although he indicated that “that does not take me out of focus.”

“I am totally focused on Colo Colo. We have to analyze and agree on the sports project,” he said.

Finally, Quinteros regretted the possible departure of captain Gabriel Suazo to foreign football.

“It is a pity that Gabriel Suazo can be free. AndIt’s fundamental to the scheme. We have to replace Solari and Suazo, who are two great players, it’s not easy. Suazo is the best player in football today, with great regularity,” he concluded.