PSN Booting players mid-game to agree to new terms and conditions, freezing consoles

Following today’s PS5 system software update, psn randomly started signing players to agree to new terms and conditions. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but this time around, players are being booted mid-game to agree to the new T&Cs, causing some consoles to become unstable. There is an additional headache for those who play online games, especially competitive modes, as they go offline.

Workaround to prevent PS4, PS5 from freezing

If you’re worried about your PS4 or PS5 freezing mid-game, just manually log out when you start your console. You will be prompted to agree to the new terms and conditions when you sign in again. Those with access to the PS app will be automatically signed out when they launch the app. Upon logging back in, players will need to agree to the new T&Cs and then select/confirm their primary console again. Doing so will eliminate the need to go through this process in the console.

It’s a quick and simple process, but it’s unclear why Sony didn’t prompt players to do so at their next login. It’s also unclear why some gamers are reporting their consoles freezing, but we’re assuming it has something to do with PSN abruptly booting users who were playing online.

Fortunately, restarting the consoles seems to work.