PS Stars Bunny T-Rex and Immortal collectibles expire soon

some of the best PS stars Collectible rewards appeared this month, with Bunny T-Rex and the Immortal Arcade Machine adding whimsy and flair to subscriber collections. However, with their expiration dates fast approaching, users who haven’t secured them yet will want to hurry.

PSA: PS Stars Bunny T-Rex and Immortal Arcade Machine are leaving soon

Both Bunny T-Rex and the Immortal Arcade Machine will leave the PS Stars rewards list at the end of December. At the time of writing, that means players have just over a day to get them.

How to Get the Bunny T-Rex PS Stars Collectible

To get the Bunny T-Rex, PS Stars subscribers simply have to play a PS5 or PS4 game during December 2022. Literally any game purchased/PS Plus will unlock the T-Rex.

How to get the Immortal PS Stars collectible

To get the Immortal Arcade Machine PS Stars collectible, players will need to start one of the following fighting games:

  • Under the birth of night
  • Granblue Fantasy: Versus
  • street fighter v
  • Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3
  • mortal kombat 11
  • tekken 7

Those who owned a PS3 Wonderbook can get an additional collectible in December 2022.

Some unlucky users are still stuck on the PlayStation Stars waiting list, despite Sony’s two-month estimate.