PS Plus November 2021: Sony Has Revealed The First Free Game In Its Lineup


A few hours ago Sony celebrated its October State Of Play broadcast, which brought some surprises for the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5 platforms, and where we thought the PS Plus games would be released, however, only one has been confirmed. Until now.

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Among the announcements of Sony’s State Of Play, we were able to observe the game First Class Trouble, a new title that will put 6 players in a spaceship, in which they must “survive” by performing different tasks, while one of them is a Personoid , which is basically a robot disguised as a human, which will make our lives miserable and even get rid of some players.

The players’ mission will be to find the two Personoids among the residents, and expel them from the ship, a mechanic very similar to another very popular game.

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The interesting thing about the presentation of this game happened at the end where Sony confirmed that this will be one of the titles that will be given away on PS Plus for the month of November 2021, and will be available on the Playstation platform service between November 2 and until December 6.

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It is not clear when the rest of the Playstation Plus games will be released, but we will surely know before the end of the week, possibly on Friday at noon and we will be attentive to inform you what they will be.