Problems in Overwatch 2, players experience long load times due to no one wanting to be Support

Overwatch 2 is reaching everyone’s lips, its launch has been welcome news for many players who were looking for a free multiplayer in which to play for hours and hours. Despite all the drawbacks, the game has established itself as a success, breaking the barrier of 25 million players in just 10 days. Now, the community has encountered a big problem related to matchmaking.

everything is born from a post on the Blizzard forums, here, players have been complaining about the times in finding matches with the class selection condition. The problem is that almost no one chooses the support role (support or healer), and that makes it difficult to find games. This is supposedly caused by the bad comments to players with main healer for supposedly “not giving support”.

The Support class is frowned upon in the Overwatch 2 community.

It will surely happen to you in games of this style such as League of Legends, Overwatch 2 or DOTA 2; and it is that the support role is seen as one where you work and do not have fun. The idea of ​​having to play other teammates attacking and eliminating players sounds boring at first, and it’s true, not many play with Mercy for pleasure. Beyond this, there is also the case of toxicity attacking main healers, rendering them useless and not fulfilling their function. This becomes a snowball that takes away the desire to play.

There are a lot of people who want to play support (I’m one of them) – said another commenter on the Blizzard forum – But I think the real issue is whether or not it’s viable to play support in pub matches in the current climate of the game

We are going to put a particular case to put ourselves in context in the Overwatch 2 multiplayer. You enter a game and you have to be support, you choose Mercy to heal the tank and decide to follow him everywhere. Almost instantly, what is supposed to be a shield against enemy projectiles, becomes a kind of attack tank, jumping against the horde and dying instantly; after that, she blames you for not curing him.

Let’s go with another case, now you are the tank and you want them to give you support. One of the healers is Moira, and instead of healing, she starts going on the attack and disengages from her healing function. These cases are very recurrent in the multiplayer, which although it is not all bad, since the game is about having fun, the general frustration of the people is understandable.

Now, all this leads to the fact that nobody uses these support characters, leaving the queues almost 5 minutes per game. Or, on the contrary, in more casual games, the teams are unbalanced and nobody wants to heal.

There are almost 200k people watching OW2 on twitch right now. I’m sure he’s not dead. Healer tail is dead.

The community hopes that Kiriko’s strategy to encourage players to try support characters will work. In Overwatch 2, being a “new” game, there should be a different procedure with the support role for players to get interested in this role; for example, take advantage of the battle pass.