Princess Peach and Donkey Kong stand out in the new trailer for the animated film of Super Mario Bros.

as it had anticipated with a new posterthis Tuesday Nintendo released the second trailer for its animated film of Super Mario Bros.

This sneak peek is longer than the first teaser that debuted in early October and, in addition to more of Chris Pratt’s voice as Mario, includes early looks at Anya Taylor-Joy as the Princess peach and Seth Rogen as donkey kong. All while we can also hear Keegan-Michael Key as Toad and Jack Black as Bowser, among others.

As he explains this preview in the film of Super Mario Bros the titular plumber will thwart Bowser’s plans to take over the world, but obviously the antagonist will not stay calm and Mario will have to count on his allies to stop the evil king of the koopas.

Thus, while in this mission Princess Peach will go into action together with the Toads, Luigi will be a prisoner of Bowser at least for a moment and Mario will have adventures with various nods to the games that range from the presence of Yoshis to the Rainbow Track of Mario Kart and the Mario Tanooki suit.

You can see the new trailer for the movie Super Mario Bros next:

This tape that will be known simply as The Super Mario Bros. Movie in English was made by Illumination (Minions, Sing) and directed by Aaron Horvath with Michael Jelenic based on a screenplay by Matthew Fogel.

The movie of Super Mario Bros It will be released in theaters in April 2023.