Princesa Alba and her experience as the opening act for Coldplay: “I learned a lot from them”

Princesa Alba has become one of the great figures of Chilean pop, with her talent and her melodic voice.

Definitely, the year 2022 was a great year for the interpreter of “Summer love” since she managed to position herself in music and managed to sign with Sony Music, in addition to opening for Coldplay at their concert in Chile.

In this context, it is that the national artist spoke with Sarah Magazine about this great moment that he lived last year.

“In the new year I did not want 2022 to end, because it was one of my best years. And it’s super weird because I didn’t release a record, I released the special edition of “Kisses, take care” and that brought the coronation”, he began counting.

Opening act for Coldplay: a great moment in his career

“It made me able to tour Chile, go to Mexico, Coldplay could listen to my songs… so it was a super nice experience and hopefully this 2023 will be as prosperous, because I get competitive with my 2022 self; I am super self-demanding, ”he said about his personal achievements.

She also delved into the powerful moment when she was the opening act for the show of the group that performs “Viva la vida”, where she described the great experience.

“Everything started with an email. Suddenly this proposal came to us, the production was looking for opening acts, they listened to my music and they liked it. It was incredible, a super nice experience and I learned a lot from them, ”she said.