prices are going up slightly

Already battered by galloping inflation in the first half of March, the portfolio of the French will again be put to the test in service stations. Since last week, prices at the pump have started to rise again, according to the latest statement from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, published on Monday. The liter of unleaded 95 is now displayed at 1.89 euros and that of diesel is 1.84 euros. An increase of 2.6 cents compared to the previous week.

Bad news for motorists who have benefited in recent weeks from more reasonable prices, although much higher than those recorded at the end of 2022. As a reminder, since January 1, the rebate of 10 cents per liter, granted by the government, is no longer effective, just like that granted by TotalEnergies, also of 10 cents. Result: prices instantly skyrocketed from the first week of the year, reaching 1.91 euros for a liter of unleaded 95 and 1.94 for a liter of diesel.

It is always possible to request the fuel check

Faced with the non-negligible risk of social unrest posed by this considerable increase in fuel prices, the government has put in place a check for 100 euros intended for all working people who use their vehicle daily for professional purposes. Help that can always be requested via the site The deadline, initially set for the end of February, has in fact been postponed by one month.

In addition, since March 1, the prices displayed in TotalEnergies stations cannot exceed 1.99 euros per litre. A cap announced by the boss of the energy company, Patrick Pouyanné, a few days after a statement by Emmanuel Macron calling on the tanker to “make a small gesture” to relieve the purchasing power of large rollers.

On the other hand, despite the strike movement in the refineries against the pension reform, the situation remains largely under control and motorists should not encounter major difficulties when refueling. This Monday, only 5.3% of service stations said they were out of at least one of the fuels available.