Preview | Diablo IV: A saga that seeks to return with everything

Diablo is one of the most popular franchises that Blizzard owns and that is because the game is a true classic that has captivated generations of players since the launch of its first installment in 1996. Now the saga has its fourth installment on the way, which will arrive in 2023 and we had the opportunity to test.

The first thing to mention about this new installment is that visually it looks incredible and represents a real leap in graphic terms from the third installment, something that is to be expected considering that it was released in May 2012, that is, a decade ago. This graphic jump affects both the characters that look more detailed than ever and the different settings that have an enormous amount of detail and elements, something that all fans of the saga will appreciate.

Diablo IV is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC, and seeks to get the best out of each of the installments that the franchise has had. This is how we find ourselves with a game that is dark, with a gothic aspect printed everywhere, just as it happened with the first installments. At the same time, it maintains the fast and dynamic combat system that came with the third game, thus achieving a combination that is most attractive.

In this way, the development team takes different elements, the ones that have stood out the most in each game, to implement them in this new installment and achieves a combination that will initially satisfy even the most demanding Diablo fans.

At the time of its launch the game will have five classes, which although they may seem like they are few but They have an enormous possibility of customization through their different skill trees, so even if two people play the same class they can have completely different builds and look like different characters. Along with this, as usual, is the huge amount of equipment (as you would expect from a Diablo game), and the character customization options, with a character creator that at first glance gives us enough options so that our character differs from the rest.

What we could play on, DDiablo IV is an excellent title for those who are fans of the saga, but from Blizzard they also aim at new players, and although the plot takes place after the events of Diablo 3, it can still be enjoyed without prior knowledge, being captivated by the aesthetics and cinematics that kick off the story.

On this occasion, we meet a new threat, Lilith, who along with the angel Inarius, is the creator of the world of Sanctuary. This villain who remained locked up has awakened after the war between angels and demons, posing a new threat to all kingdoms.

The game, in its first minutes, will tell us the facts in a dynamic way and without going around much, then it will leave us completely free to explore (in the final version you will be able to visit the different areas in an open world, but in this preview build, it is that we were able to explore one of its areas and the different dungeons that were scattered around the place). In this way, the game remains very faithful to what Diablo is, with the bases of its gameplay maintaining its integrity, something that is appreciated, since the progression system of this saga is one of the strong points and see that it does not has been lost over the years is quite attractive.

Despite maintaining the bases, the game has some changes, some somewhat disruptive, and that is that the game It will not be possible to play offline, and upon entering it will place us in a world shared with other players -despite the fact that we can play the dungeons and the campaign alone-, so it won’t be strange that you visit a city and meet other players. For this the game has implemented some ‘World Bosses’ that are enemies that can be defeated by several.

This is how in this first approach, we can conclude that from Blizzard they have taken great care that this game takes the best of each of the installments, and that is that this new installment has the dark tone of the first games, something that had been lost somewhat in Diablo 3, while maintaining the combat style of this third installment, giving a combination that at first glance is incredible and attractive.