Preview | Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion: A Promising Return

On December 13, Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion will be released, a remaster of the classic PSP game that corresponds to a prequel to Final Fantasy VII, one of the most successful works by Square Enix and in the RPG genre, the game, which in its time came to complement the story surrounding the award-winning title, features a number of improvements over the original installment while keeping the story intact, creating a rather striking combination that is located halfway between what would be a remaster and a remake.

During the last days we had the opportunity to test the first chapters of the game, and the first impression that it leaves us is that the game looks simply amazing from the first moment, with which one could easily think that he is facing a remake of the PlayStation Portable game, this is maintained until we enter the missions, which remain as is the original delivery but with improved graphics, and that is that portable games from a few years ago they were easily recognizable by their relatively small levels built based on quite narrow places and with corridors through which we must advance. This is how we realize that we are facing a remaster and not a remake, since all this style of level construction is maintained although this time with better graphics which makes the title look better than ever.

Along with the graphic improvements, the game has a series of improvements in its gameplay adapting the different mechanics to the present, these changes make the game feel quite fresh and very much in tune with what Final Fantasy VII Remake is. This is how, although we are clearly facing levels of a portable console from years ago, the game looks and is enjoyed in an excellent way, promising to become a must for fans of the saga.

For those who don’t know what Crisis Core is about, the game puts us in the role of Zack Fair, a young member of Soldier, who is involved in the search for Genesis, a traitor to the organization. This story takes place several years before the delivery starring Cloud and gives a little more context of the past of some characters. Something that must be mentioned is that this remaster fully maintains the story presented in the original game, unlike what happens with the Final Fantasy VII remake, but Now it is completely folded, which is why it becomes the best way to experience this story, since the different dialogues give some of the scenes much more emotion.

It should be mentioned that although the game maintains the story, the game does make some changes to fit into the Final Fantasy VII Remake, something that is appreciated and shows Square Enix’s interest in bringing the story completely back -although some titles would be missing. that like Dirge of Cerberus which for the moment are not in the company’s plans.

Something that attracts attention and that constantly reminds us that we are facing a remaster and not a remake are the cinematics, which for some reason from Square Enix decided not to redo them for this new versionwith which they have a lower resolution and quality than the rest of the game in general, so the change is quite noticeable when they start, which must be admitted that it breaks the gaming experience a bit.

Despite this, it must be said that in this first approach the game promises a lot, the game looks better than ever and the improvements made to gameplay mean that it doesn’t feel like a game out of date for its time. In the same way, one of the most notable changes that we could appreciate in these first minutes of the game were its graphic improvements, which are close to the level of Final Fantasy VII Remake, making the game look incredible both in combat and when traveling. the different levels.