President of Fortaleza responds to Colo-Colo with a defiant message for the Lucero case

Marcelo Paz, helmsman of the Brazilian team, assured that he is not afraid of threats from the Colocolina board, since they trust his arguments that allowed him to sign the striker.

In case of Juan Martin Lucero not closed yet Colo-Colo. And it is that despite the fact that the striker was already presented in Fortressin Macul they do not forgive the “betrayal” of the player and they insist on going to the last consequences in pursuit of the club’s heritage.

This was confirmed by the president himself black and white, alfredo stohwingwho in a press conference given to refer to this issue assured that “we will go to FIFA and all relevant instances against all those involved like the club that hires him. It is a serious situation and we are not going to let it go.”.

However, the words of the Cacique helmsman did not seem to worry the Brazilian cast, who decided to go ahead with the signing of the Argentine. In this sense, Marcelo Pazpresident of the tricolor team, spoke with the Opovo site, where he took advantage of respond to the colocoline directive.

Juan Martín Lucero became the new striker for Fortaleza.

They are confident in their arguments

We are not afraid because we made a legally secure deal. We would not embark on a legal adventure through Fortaleza. Colo-Colo is in its role, it lost its main player, ”the Fortaleza boss said in the first instance.

We understand that there was a contractual weakness, the player exercised that weakness, paid the fine and was released. We are going to monitor this whole situation, we are studying this situation to close with the player”, he added about the supposed clause that existed in the footballer’s contract, something that Macul strongly denies.

In this way, we will have to wait to see how the whole controversy of Juan Martin Lucero and his departure from Colo-Colo. In this line, everything shows that the situation will be resolved in FIFAsince the Cacique trusts to death in his arguments.