“Practically closed”: Quinteros talks about the first signing of Colo Colo

After losing 4-3 to River Plate, Gustavo Quinteros left a key phrase about the arrival at the club of Ferdinand DePaul.

The goalkeeper is practically closed, you have to find a player per line. If one of the players leaves, you have to replace him with one of his level or better, ”he assured at a press conference.

Consulted by the number of goals conceded against foreign rivals, Quinteros defended himself: “We scored goals too. We play as a big team. We take risks to attack and sometimes we make mistakes that these teams won’t forgive you for. You have to be more engaged, attentive in the game. When you make mistakes against teams that have this hierarchy, they score a goal for you,” he said.

Regarding the injury Vicente Pizarro, the white manager He commented that it was “a knee issue. I hope it’s not serious. Tomorrow we will know well what she has ”.

Then he praised Marco Rojas, in a great first half against River. “Very well. He is a player who has a level that he needs to maintain for 90 minutes. If he can keep it up, he can be a difference maker. We are going to work with him so that this dynamic can last longer”.

Finally, Quinteros referred to the imminent departure of Gabriel Suazo. “These are personal decisions that must be made. When we plan the squad, we have to strengthen it because we are going to play three tournaments in the year and each player who leaves has to be replaced by one of his level or better”.

It is a subject that I do not want to touch. I already gave my opinion to the club. It is a great shame that a player of that hierarchy has to go that way”, he added.

Finally, he left a clear sentence: “There is no player like him to replace him. The same thing happened to us with Solari. It’s a big problem for the team.”hill.