Portugal explodes against Messi, FIFA and arbitration

Morocco made history in Qatarso it became the first African team to reach the semi-finals of a World Cup. The Maghrebi cast surpassed by the minimum account Portugal and left the Lusitanos out of the contest already Cristiano Ronaldo crying uncontrollably.

After the defeat, the Portuguese soccer players did not hold back anything and pointed against the referee of the match, the Argentine Facundo Tello. Pepe, who had the clearest chance to seal the tie at the end of the duel, questioned the judge’s performance and the very fact that he arbitrated due to his nationality: “It is unacceptable for an Argentine referee to referee the match. It was unacceptable to have an Argentine referee referee, after what Messi said yesterday… an Argentine arrives and whistles. Nothing was played in the second half and it only added eight minutes. After today, they can now give the title to Argentina“, Shooting.

“We work very hard. Eight added minutes and nothing was played. In the second half we just wanted to play. We are sad, we had quality to win, unfortunately we did not manage to do it”, sentenced the central defender.

And what did Messi say? After eliminating the Netherlands on penalties, La Pulga harshly criticized the Spanish judge Antonio Mateu Lahoz: “We were scared before the game, because we knew what it was. FIFA would have to review that, because they cannot put a referee like that for this instancefor a game of such importance, and that is not up to the task ”.

Messi was not the only one who threw darts in Argentina, since the goalkeeper Emiliano “Dibu” Martínez also attacked the Hispanic with force: “We had the worst referee in the World Cup, by far. I don’t know what the referee took on the free kick, he gave 10 minutes of added time. He wanted us to tie. That referee is crazy, arrogant. You say something to him and he talks back to you. Since Spain was left out, I think he wanted us to be left out too ”.

A piece of news impacted the environment of the Portuguese campus hours after its elimination. Portugal’s medical staff reported that the Porto defender suffered a broken left arm in the middle of the match. Despite the ailment, the experienced defender played the full game.

Specific, Pepe “suffered an ulna fracture of his left arm this Saturday”, they detailed. In addition, they pointed out that the central defender underwent “examinations after the game at a hospital in Doha”, where the injury was confirmed.

Soccer Football – FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 – Quarter Final – Morocco v Portugal – Al Thumama Stadium, Doha, Qatar – December 10, 2022 Portugal’s Diogo Costa and Pepe in action with Morocco’s Jawad El Yamiq Pepe had the equalizer in the closing duel between Portugal and Morocco. Photo: REUTERS/Paul Childs

Along these lines, the Manchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes, delved further into the subject and left a powerful message: “I don’t know if they are going to give the cup to Argentina”. Faced with this situation, the midfielder was alluded to by the Portuguese press officer, but he did not resign in his desire to express his annoyance: “I don’t care, I’m going to say what I think and fuck them.”.

“It is very strange that in our game there is a referee from a country that is still in the Cup and that there is not a Portuguese one, because if they have a level for the Champions League, they also have it to be here. Today’s referees are not used to the Champions League. Clearly, they have tilted the field against us, because in the first half they gave me a clear penalty”, sentenced the 28-year-old footballer.

Bruno Fernandes complains to the fourth referee, Ivan Barton. Photo: REUTERS/Paul Childs

In any case, the claims of Fernando Santos’ team have little support, since both plays that are claimed as penalties were not, despite the fact that they magnified the contacts in the area. The Argentine judge had a correct performance, even, with the expulsion of the Moroccan Cheddira for a double yellow when the discounts were played.