Portaltic.-Rockstar Games maintains the development plan for GTA6 after confirming the authenticity of the leaks

MADRID, Sep. 19 (Portaltic/EP) –

RockstarGames has confirmed unauthorized access to its network that has resulted in the leaking of some videos of grand theft auto 6 (GTA6), which he is currently working on, and which has been revealed ahead of schedule.

Some 90 videos from the next Grand Theft Auto game appeared this weekend on the forum GTAForumsin a post shared by the alleged hacker who would have obtained them from Rockstar Games systems, as they collected on TechCrunch.

This Monday, the development study has confirmed the authenticity of the videos leaked and a recent “network intrusion”, in which a third party was able to access and download the documents, including recordings in development of GTA6.

“We are extremely disappointed to share any details of our upcoming game with you in this way,” the studio said in a post. On twitterwhere he has confirmed that this leak does not alter development plans and that they will present it accordingly when the time comes.

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