Portaltic.-Meta announces a Quest 2 update that increases GPU computing power by 7%

MADRID, Dec. 22 (Portaltic/EP) –

Meta has announced that the applications of its Meta Quest 2 glasses will begin to experience performance improvements thanks to an update of its ‘software’, since that your GPU will be 7 percent more powerful that actually.

The company has indicated that it continues to work “to improve the tools and experience for developers” and that, thanks to this, they can improve the performance of their applications and the quality of the pixels.

As a result of that work, Meta has announced that developers will now have more GPU computing power, specifically 7 percent, to work on viewers. Meta Quest 2, as has been pointed out on his blog.

This increase will translate into an improvement in the ability to take advantage of a higher pixel density, without reducing graphics resolution and with the aim of achieving a higher frame rate. In this way, you will improve the visual aspect of the applications without sacrificing the quality of their resolution.

Meta has said that all developers can now start taking advantage of the new GPU frequency, which is now 525MHzin front of the 490 MHz earlier.

The manufacturer has explained that it will not be necessary to carry out any integration or coding, but that the dynamic synchronization system will automatically increase the frequency and its performance at the moment it detects that an application can take advantage of this advantage.

He has only warned that in the current version v47 of the operating system, it will be necessary to turn off or reset the device to accommodate the new GPU frequency.

However, users who have headphones with version 49 of the operating system or later will not have to follow this step, but rather it will update the version directly when the glasses are turned on.