Politeness would be a vector of economic success

Baptiste Morin, edited by Julien Moreau
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6:42 a.m., February 10, 2023

What if propriety was an engine of growth? This is what more and more business leaders think. They therefore resort to life skills training. Europe 1 went to a car dealership that wants its employees to better welcome potential buyers.

Decorum could be a driver of growth according to business leaders. It might make you laugh, but according to a study published in the international journal American Economic Review, training children in socio-behavioral skills considerably promotes their economic and social integration in adulthood.

Train your employees

Europe 1 has decided to go to a concession automobile industry, which wants its employees to better welcome potential buyers. The head of this company wants to train his employees to know how to behave during a business meal. “It’s introducing yourself, knowing how to make introductions, in which way. It’s up to superiors to reach out first, for example,” explained Catherine Duguet, who has been offering training in corporate skills for years. 6 years. “It’s also knowing how to speak on the phone and then correspond in writing. We don’t write ‘Hello Madam’ but ‘Dear Madam'”, she added.

A French and foreign request

Elisabeth Fournier, from the company “In all elegance”, provides training in good manners in business. The idea came to him after discussions with business leaders. “They now consider these training courses as a tool with an economic value of primary importance and which is an integral part of the success of their business”, reported the trainer. And the demand is also foreign. Elisabeth Fournier, for example, received a very clear request from a Chinese company that wanted to know everything about etiquette in order to be able to negotiate better with French interlocutors.