PlayStation prepares several third party announcements according to insiders, and fans say that the return of Metal Gear Solid is imminent

PlayStation hasn’t been as quiet as Xbox in recent months, but the house of Halo will finally give us new reasons to get excited in Just a few days, while Sony continues to keep its strong cards very discreet. The leakers The excitement is ramping up again while we wait, as the biggest leak of the moment surrounds PlayStation and a potential wave of ads third partywhere the return of Metal Gear Solid resonates stronger than ever.

The leak originally came from The Snitch (via Insider Gaming), who no longer usually filters as before, but whose reputation makes his name resonate in all corners of the internet. This time, the leak surrounds many announcements that we are still unaware of, because it was simply said that they would be games third party…so no, nothing about spider-man 2 or some other exclusive.

The fans obviously did not take long to release speculation, because although The Snitch did not affirm or deny anything, his words gave more strength to the numerous rumors about the potential return of Metal Gear Solid like a PS5 exclusiveand it is that adding this with the Konami statement A few days ago, it seems only a matter of time before we see the triumphant return of Solid Snake in video games.

The first PlayStation surprise for 2023

It was in September the last time that PlayStation gave us its typical wave of announcements, already marking a respectable period of time to see again what the Japanese company is preparing, and thus compete with Xbox during these dates. Have an ad at the scale of Metal Gear Solid would undoubtedly turn the attention of many players, although we must remember that Hideo Kojima would no longer be in charge of this supposed game.

Another interesting report surrounding PlayStation is about its possible update for March finally incorporating Discord to the console, along with the ability to stream in the cloud. Both this and the leak about games third party are just that: leaks, so As possible as this all sounds, you better keep your expectations in check..