Playstation Network Services Are Down (Updated)


It has been recently reported by Playstation players that services for PS4 and PS5 consoles are currently down.

Users specifically of Playstation 5 have commented and posted images of the error WS-116415-8 which indicates that there is no connection with the servers associated with the platform, in addition, from the page psn status It is indicated that the PlayStation Now, PlayStation Video, PlayStation Direct, and PlayStation Store services would also have been affected.

So far, none of the official accounts on Sony Social Networks have mentioned anything about the problems that Playstation users have had without being able to access their online games.

Xbox platform players, on the other hand, have not had problems connecting to MLB The Show 21 despite the fact that the title is supported by Sony. We will expand when there is new information.


It seems that the emergency and collapse of Sony services is already recovering, several users on social networks comment that they have been able to access their accounts and video games, specifically through IGN report having been able to access their own PS5s and the MLB The Show 21 game.

In addition, the page where we can see the status of the Playstation Network services has returned to having a “Green” status in all its services, which means that they are already fully operational.