PlayStation 5 suffers a ‘jailbreak’ that allowed installing ‘software’ without a license

MADRID, Oct. 4 (Portaltic/EP) –

Sony’s latest generation console, PlayStation 5 (PS5), has suffered a ‘jailbreak’ that allowed users to access their system and install unauthorized or unlicensed ‘software’.

It is called jailbreak to the process that allows cybercriminals to bypass the limitations and restrictions imposed by technology manufacturers and gain complete control of the system in order to install illegitimate applications or programswhich may affect the security of the device.

As reported the PlayStation modder Lance McDonald, known for releasing an unofficial patch that allowed the action video game Bloodborne to run at 60fps on PlayStation 4 (PS4), the PS5 has been the victim of this attack.

In a video posted on Twitter, McDonald has shown the use of this ‘exploit’ for Sony’s next-generation console, intercepted on PS5 with firmware version 4.03. This was released in October and was replaced in December of the same year with version 4.50.

However, the ‘modder’ has stressed that although the ‘jailbreak’ can be carried out in said version, it is only successful 30 percent of the time, so it is required multiple execution attempts to exploit the vulnerability.

Likewise, it has indicated that it allows read and write access to ‘software’, but does not grant the necessary permission to execute these installed programs. This has been demonstrated by trying to get the PT demo up and running, a game currently only available for PS4.