players ending contract and on loan

colo colo He managed to be crowned the new Chilean soccer champion in the 2022 season, completely dominating from start to finish. Now, the Cacique begins to think about the 2023 campaignwhere you should be aware of the players who are out of contract and those who are on loan.

The team led by Gustavo Quinteros will have a tough task next year, with three competitions in which he is called to be the protagonist. The National Championship, the Chile Cup and the Copa Libertadores are the challenges that lie ahead, so the albos must put together a squad that allows them to fight on all fronts.

The idea for Colo Colo is to go to battle in the three tournaments, but to do so he must first form the team. With their coach still in doubt before the option of Independiente, at the Monumental stadium they begin to organize their ranks.

Six are the players who end their contract and another long list of figures on loan is part of the albos’ panorama. And taking the first, there are three that are fixed in the scheme of Gustavo Quinteros.

Gabriel Costa, Gabriel Suazo and Oscar Opazo they start the names that end their link with Colo Colo at the end of the season. While the winger deals with options in Peru, the captain hopes to solve his future soon, with the chance of going to Europe. In the case of Torta, the story is different, since for now there are no known offers or approaches with the leadership.

To these three are added Matias Zaldivia, Carlo Villanueva, and Cesar Fuentes. The defender has had a long career and everything points to his departure due to the series of injuries he has suffered. For the youth squad, the exit door is open, since he has not been able to find spaces when he was fit. El Corralero is the one that generates the most doubts, since he is one of the DT’s favorites, but given the good moment of Vicente Pizarro, he was relegated to the bench.

But in addition to those six players, in Colo Colo they must also define what will happen to their players on loan. There are figures like Williams Alarconwhich has shone in Unión La Calera, or Bryan Sotowho had a bad time at Deportes La Serena.

Others are Felipe Yanezwhat a great campaign with Coquimbo Unido despite being one step away from relegation, in addition to Ethan Espinoza and Nicolas Garridotwo that in Fernández Vial have added important minutes in the First B.

There are also special cases. Javier Parraguez He is another of the players who is on loan at Sport Recife in Brazil, but his contract is ending and most likely it will not be renewed. Of course, everything will depend on the decisions that are made between now and the end of the year.

Colo Colo has a big problem to solve with the players who end their ties and those who return from their loans. The Cacique has a lot to work on thinking about 2023, where they must aspire to improve what they have done this season.

Check the list of players who are out of contract and are on loan in Colo Colo thinking about 2023

Colo Colo players whose contract ends in 2022

-Gabriel Costa.

-Gabriel Suazo.

– Oscar Opazo.

– Matias Zaldivia.

Carlo Villanueva.

– Cesar Fuentes.

Players on loan who must return to Colo Colo in 2023

– Ignacio Jara (Spanish Union).*

– Juan Carlos Gaete (Cobresal).

– Nicolas Garrido (Fernandez Vial).

– Ethan Espinoza (Fernandez Vial).

– David Tati (Temuco Sports).

– Javier Parraguez (Sport Recife).*

– Felipe Yáñez (United Coquimbo).

– Bryan Soto (Sports La Serena).

– Miguel Arias (Barnechea).

– Diego Ulloa (Sports La Serena).

– Danilo Diaz (Sports Recoleta).

* Contract ends and can be released.