Phil Spencer points out that Xbox has ruled out the console for cloud gaming for now due to price

Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has referred to Keystone, the Xbox console that was designed to play from the cloud, mentioning that This turned out to be more expensive than they had thought, so they decided to focus on the television application.

In conversation with the podcast decoder is that Phil Spencer referred to this by noting that the console turned out to be “more expensive than we wanted it to be with the hardware inside it and we decided to focus the team’s efforts on offering the application of streaming for smart TV”.

Although the project was put aside for the moment, Spencer does not rule out that it will be launched in the future, as long as the correct price is reached. “For a device to only streaming Make sense, the price advantage over Series S should be significant. I want to add a controller when we launch it,” he noted.

A few weeks ago the appearance of the console was known by the hand of a photograph that Phil Spencer shared via Twitter. “The reason for having it on the shelf is because the team rolled up their sleeves and in nine months they had it built. Several people took it home and it worked really well.”, he pointed out about this.

It should be remembered that Xbox is currently continuing to work on improving the application for Xbox TVs, which is already available. on some recent Samsung brand models.