pensions, controllers… Traffic very disrupted by the strikes in December?

Margaux Fodéré, edited by Yanis Darras
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08:32, December 04, 2022

The month of December promises to be chaotic in the stations. While this weekend is marked by the controllers’ strike, the union agenda should weigh heavily on rail traffic in December. A strike notice has already been filed for the Christmas and New Year weekends.

It’s a complicated weekend that takes place in French railway stations. Since Friday, only four out of ten trains have been running on the rails of France. In question: the strike of SNCF controllers, who are demanding better recognition of their status. The work of the latter should gradually resume on Monday.

But that the users of the SNCF do not cry victory too quickly. The union agenda could punctuate the strikes in December. Because the next step will be the inter-union which will bring together the eight national unions on Monday to talk about pensions. Among them: the CFDT, the CGT, Force Ouvrière or Solidaires.

Strikes for the end of the year celebrations?

Objective: to agree to find the right moment to organize the mobilizations in the event of a forced passage by the government on the subject. This meeting will then be followed by the closing, Thursday, of the elections of union representatives in the public service, which are currently dominated by the CGT.

And then watch out for train travel at the end of the year. At the SNCF, the captains have already filed strike notices for the weekends of Christmas and New Year’s Day. A bad signal for the government, despite the call from Transport Minister Clément Beaune, for “community responsibility” to guarantee French service during the last days of 2022.