Pellegrini: “It is likely that Juanmi has a very important injury”

Status of Juanmi: “We have to wait for the doctors’ opinion. It is likely that he has a major injury but he is not 100% certified.”

Game: “It was very important to start winning and more as visitors. It was difficult for us to adapt to the pitch at first, but we managed to get into the match and play a very complete match both in defense and attack, because their goalkeeper had to make some great saves”.

affected: “Of course Juanmi’s injury affected his teammates, it’s normal. In the first 25 minutes there were many factors that influenced, in addition to Juanmi’s injury. We had a hard time settling in but then we played a very complete match”.

Victor Ruiz injury: “Unfortunately we ended up with two injured. Victor twisted his ankle but it could be a minor sprain, it still has to be determined”.

Juanmi suffers from serious distortion

Rafael Muela, Betis advisor and head of the medical area, exposed through the official media his conclusion in this regard: “Juanmi suffers from a serious distortion of the left ankle. An emergency radiographic study has been done, which in principle sand rule out bone lesions, but tomorrow that ankle will be studied more with complementary tests and depending on what is found, it will be possible to talk about a more specific diagnosis”. More tests are expected to know the possible loss of a key player for Pellegrini.

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