Pedro Carcuro’s bomb: ensures that the “U” stadium will be for 45,000 spectators and will host the 2030 World Cup

This Monday, before his debut in the tournament, Pedro Carcuro excited all the fans of the University of Chile, after dropping a real bombshell that involves his long-awaited own stadium and the possible realization of the 2030 World Cup in our country.

Strictly speaking, the seasoned journalist held in the space that he leads in The time that, in the event that the planetary event arrives in Chile as the venue along with Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, the venue that Azul Azul plans to build would house some parties.

“For now, the strongest candidacy is where Chile is involved, in partnership with Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. Why this society? To pay tribute to the centenary of the World Cup ”, began from the outset.

And then he explained: “The first tournament was in Uruguay in 1930 and we took a leap to find a new Centenario stadium, the final would certainly be played there, that’s the grace.”

So, he fired: “What is the novelty with Chile? Santiago offers, promises, puts two new stadiums on paper for consideration: a new Monumental de Colo Colo and the Universidad de Chile stadium, both with 45 thousand spectators”.

They would, of course, be stadiums “with state-of-the-art technology, innovative and sustainable architecture. That’s the big hit I wanted to tell. Nacional no longer appears exclusively, but rather the two most popular clubs in our country would be able to offer brand new stadiums”.

“Colo Colo and the U want to host a World Cup,” completed Carcuro.