Paulo Silas, former Scratch World Cup player: “Tite and the experienced players are to blame for the elimination of Brazil”

Paul Silas he is sad like most Brazilians For the fifth consecutive World Cup, his country’s team failed to win the title. From Sao Paulo, the former midfielder who played in the ’86 and ’90 World Cups admits that “Brazil did not know how to manage the advantage against Croatia”. Likewise, the ESPN commentator blamed the coach and part of the squad. He highlighted the work of the Balkan goalkeeper Dominik Livakovic, who arrived “enlarged for penalties”. Regarding the replacement for coach Tite, the winner of the ’89 Copa América, he said that He does not see “a foreigner”, at the same time that he ruled out Josep Guardiola and Abel Ferreira.

where does the removal from Brazil?

In the end, Brazil had to go out on penalty kicks. But football is like that. You can’t detract from your rival either, for a reason they are runner-up in the World Cup. This classification has its merit for them.

But mistakes were made…

With three minutes remaining for the end of extra time, Brazil cannot give that slight advantage, they did not know how to manage the result. Something similar happened with the same coach in the last World Cup. He paid for it in the final minutes.

Did the Brazilian squad feel very comfortable after Neymar’s goal?

They trusted each other. The problem was that the game was already defined in the heads of the players. Croatia had not thrown a ball on goal. In the heads of the Brazilians that counterattack was not going to be anything. They score the equalizing goal and after that there is very little time left for a recovery.

Was there responsibility of the coach?

The coach took out Lucas Paquetá and put in Fred. That was Tite’s big mistake. He put up a double tag in the middle of the court, but it was no use. In that case, instead of putting Fred, they should have decided on Fabinho. The Croatian coach, on the other hand, put the greats of the team to win by above. With Fabinho you ensured more contention, because he dominates the position, you would have had a little more output and you would have had a taller player.

So much so?

If you see, in the play of the Croatian goal, neither Fred nor Casemiro appear in the play. In addition, Casemiro did not want to foul Luka Modric and that’s where the goal began. If he received another yellow, he was expelled and the semifinal was lost; that now is no longer important if you are left out of the World Cup.

In Brazil, did people think about the title?

I don’t know if people were enthusiastic enough for the team to win. But the truth is that we haven’t had such quality players for a long time.

Now The coach confirmed that he is leaving the national team…

It is already a fact, Tite had already warned before the World Cup that he would leave the Brazilian team. If he had won it he would have left anyway, it was written.

How do you evaluate the coach’s time at Scratch?

Tite’s team, at times, played great football. In many games we saw a solid team, with a great touch. However, it cannot be ignored that Tite and the experienced players are to blame for the elimination of Brazil… If you are winning three minutes from the end, you have to put the microphone in the goal!… You have to put the president, the father, to the family… It’s three minutes! A team that has five world titles cannot make those mistakes. The defenders are the same as in 2018, he has enough experience to maintain that advantage.

Is spoken again by Josep Guardiola as one of the possible successors…

After this catastrophe there is a popular clamor for a foreign coach to come here. For example, last tournament there were three Portuguese coaches in our football, now there will be six, since they added another three. But everything is too recent to make decisions on the fly. The leaders of the Brazilian Confederation will meet to make the best decision.

Brazil only had two foreign coaches, the last one was the Argentine Filpo Núñez, 57 years ago…

Honestly, I don’t see a foreigner leading Brazil. Besides, if you look, Guardiola -for example- never directed a selection. There is also talk of Abel Ferreira, DT from Palmeiras, who also did not have time for a national team. You have to wait for things to calm down, for you to suffer, for digestion to take place. After that, think cold, so as not to put your legs in, as they say.

What positive things can be drawn from all this?

The most important thing is that Brazil has a group of very talented young players. The same ones who will have much more experience for the next World Cup. That is already an advantage.

How do you rate the performance of neymar?

Neymar played his third World Cup and this time it was his redemption. He showed much more respect, he dedicated himself to playing and not throwing himself. Physically he looked very good, in the last game he played 120 minutes and scored a goal from another planet. It’s a pity, because this could have been his great World Cup. Hopefully he decides to continue in the Brazilian team, because he still has some personal numbers that he wants to beat. That will be seen when all this sadness passes.

How do you see Argentina, a country that you hold dear after passing through San Lorenzo?

Well, now we are going to support Argentina, it is better for them that Brazil has left the World Cup. The same would have been if the Scratch happened and the Argentines were left out. Thus the path becomes shorter.

Do you think they can be champions?

I don’t know, they lost to Saudi Arabia, they almost tied with Australia and in the final minute the Netherlands leveled the game. They have a genius like Messi, but it does not have so many people that it is adding to its height. They have a defense that is quite weak, I don’t know where they will end up. For Messi it would be a coronation to win a World Cup. I don’t know if he will go that far.