Paulo Dybala goes crazy with the cap and praises Claudio Bravo: “He was great several times”

Claudio Bravo was one of the figures of Betis in the victory over Roma. Two covered keys put it, today, on the covers of various media. Not to mention the Spanish, more specifically the Andalusians and, why not, the Chileans. The national goalkeeper gave a new sign of validity and even the always measured Manuel Pellegrini came out to endorse the 39-year-old goalkeeper’s desire to continue in the National Team. “Claudio is fully in force”, declared the Engineer.

However, the most significant praise comes from the rival trench. Specifically, from the great star of the squad led by José Mourinho: striker Paulo Dybala. The transandino does not use adjectives when referring to the performance of the vilucano. And it is not for less: he intended to become the protagonist of the left-footed play that, at the end of the first stage, Bravo pulled from a virtually impossible angle. He ended up being relegated to the role of supporting actor in a scene that will be repeated ad nauseam.

In fact, Dybala’s praise for Bravo was accompanied by a lament. “We were not fine in front of the goal, although we had some opportunities,” said the striker. That factor, added to the remarkable performance of the Chilean goalkeeper, explains, to a large extent, the victory of the Spanish team over the Italian.

Claudio Bravo was one of the figures of Real Betis against Roma. (Photo: Twitter – @RealBetis)

Dybala’s was not the only praise that Bravo received in the rival dressing room. Mourinho did not hesitate to recognize the great performance of the former Red captain. “It is difficult to say the reasons for the defeat. We have been unlucky. We had opportunities and Claudio Bravo was good”, highlighted the strategist, usually little given to making individual assessments of his own and third-party players.

It was not be for lowerly. Apart from the cover to Dybala, which dazzled the entire planet, Bravo avoided another imminent goal action: a shot at close range by Bryan Cristante. Although that action did not have the aesthetics of the one he performed on the former Juventus player, it did show another key quality for a goalkeeper: reflexes and speed of reaction.