Paul Repetto | The runner-up of America who looks towards Chilean soccer: “He is interested in big teams”

Marcelo Cabezas (50) closed the season with joy. The Chilean physical trainer of Nacional de Montevideo celebrated the club’s title in the Uruguayan championship and in an interview with AS he shared his feelings. “Succeeding abroad is something to be proud of”he exposed.

Now, however, the planning of Heads will take a turn. And it is that the technical body that integrates, which is led by the Uruguayan Pablo Repetto, will not continue in the ‘Bolso’ in 2023. In this context, the PF is excited about an option in Chile.

“Today there is no concrete offer, but Pablo is always open to hearing proposals. He is very interested in Chilean football, so let’s wait… We finished the first week of December at Nacional. We have to keep working, because there are friendly matches this month”, says Cabezas. Repetto, by the way, was runner-up in the Libertadores with Independiente del Valle in 2016.

– Some time ago, Repetto was linked to the U. Was that option real?

– We had been leaving the Liga de Quito there, but no one contacted him. That was not real… The truth is that he would be very interested in the Chilean market, because the big teams are very attractive abroad.

– And what do you think of a chance in Chilean soccer?

– I would be happy. I have the dream of working one day in a large company in Chile. I am in a luxury coaching staff, winner, with Copa Libertadores, with championships won abroad. So, one is always going to be open to that. Working in your country, with your people, is the most beautiful thing. And in a big team it would be extraordinary.


Cabezas celebrates the title with Nacional.

– The U is looking for a technician…

– It would be nice. Besides, it’s a big club and with the fans it has… If the conditions are right, yes, but it’s an issue that other people see. One is always willing to work and especially if it is in your country. Now we have to wait for something to come out.

His vision of Chilean football

– How do you observe the present of Chilean football from a distance?

– I follow it a lot and it strikes me that small teams, that one is not used to seeing at the top, fought for the championship. That is very nice and makes the clubs grow. Ñublense, Curicó, Cobresal… We played a friendly at the beginning of the year with Ñublense and the way they played was striking. Nobody knew Ñublense and now having him in the Copa Libertadores is very positive, it is growth for Chilean football.

– In international cups, yes, it’s still costing…

– It is striking that we are not very competitive in the Copa Libertadores. They always ask me why we never go through the phase, but those are more fundamental issues, structural issues of the clubs and investment. But the Chilean league is very well organized, it’s up to date and that’s important. There are not many countries that are up to date in South America economically.

– And what do you think about the violence that has been installed in the stadiums? Does it make you sad?

– Yes of course. Unfortunately, in Uruguay we also had problems in a classic, but it is something worldwide. News comes from everywhere and it seems to me that the new generations have changed. They are a little more intolerant, and it costs, so tougher laws have to be adopted. Football always has to be played with the public and safely for the people. The ideal is to see the stadiums full, because Chile’s infrastructure is very good. It is not necessary to give much news to violence… Hopefully it will be less and less.